December 24, 2017


This is me!

My name is Eric and I currently work for ipnordic, a telecommunications company. This is my personal blog, where I intend to write mainly about software development.

The main idea here is actually to learn how to write better, as well as get some input from other developers. Please feel free to come with any comments, I would really appreciate the feedback!


This is the first place I have ever worked at. I started working here in August 2016. What a lucky break! I got to meet some amazing developers to kick start my career, as well as work along side some of the most passionate and friendly people I have ever meet.

I recently became team leader, and while I do write less code, it’s okay. I get to spend a lot of time guiding the direction and design of our systems, which I really enjoy.

What have been my responsibilities so far?

  • Responsible for maintaining and expanding our ICH implementation, which is an in-house integration into something called OCH. You can think of OCH as the national phone number repository.
  • Responsible for quite a bit of integration towards TDC, which is the Danish national infrastructure provider.
  • Worked on a lot of billing and invoicing routines – everything from billing our end customers and white labels, to actually rating all of our calls.
  • The build master for our company. I started the push to get everything built and deployed through TFS, which we recently upgraded to Azure DevOps. It’s an amazing platform.
  • Initiated the process of making our services and jobs redundant. We are currently working on pushing everything behind a reverse proxy setup, in order to have all of our services running on multiple machines. I believe we can achieve before New Year. Once we get there, the idea is to start moving everything into containers. It’s a total pain to configure and update our environments right now.
  • Educating a team in Turkey. We have a small division in Turkey which is responsible for a program we call Communicator. Think of it as a competitor to Skype. I have been there a few times in order to teach and help them with anything they might need.
  • General, everyday maintanance, as well as new many other smaller features and projects.